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Maishuang Food is a leading snack food enterprise integrating independent product research and development, production and sales. The company covers an area of 30 acres and has 60,000 square meters of modern standard factory buildings. It uses sterile and wear-resistant floors and has multiple 100,000-level air purification workshops to meet various production environment requirements and has passed HACCP system certification. The company all uses high-luminosity LED lighting and is equipped with large-capacity elevators, natural gas pipeline networks, high-pressure steam pipeline networks, centralized purified water supply, centralized laundry rooms and other facilities and equipment, providing excellent hardware conditions for production. The company's product development adopts cooperation methods with Japanese and Taiwanese experts, introduces international advanced processes and technologies, and is at the forefront of China's food industry.

  • 2001year
    Company was founded on
  • 30mu
    Covered area
  • 60000
    Modern standard factory building

Brand Products

Brand Products

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Grandma’s potato chips

Product features: "Atlantic" variety potatoes, crispy, fragrant and rich in taste

Flavor: tomato, cucumber, barbecue, spicy, original, purple potato

fresh cut fries

Product features: ·Real potato raw cut, rich potato aroma, full taste, 0 trans fatty acids.

Flavor: Classic original flavor, fresh tomato flavor, honey butter flavor, Sichuan spicy flavor

Baked potato chips

Product features: baking process, non-fried, rich potato flavor, golden and crispy.

Flavor: Western Cumin Flavor, Western BBQ Flavor, Garden Tomato Flavor, Purple Sweet Potato Original Flavor

Dip potato chips

Product features: crispy and fragrant, Xinjiang high-quality tomato dipping sauce, rich taste.

Taste: sweet, spicy, tomato sauce

Potato size potato chips

Product features: natural color, uniform thickness, and crispy texture.

Flavor: tomato, original, barbecue, spicy

Raw coconut rolls

Product features: imported coconut milk, imported coconut powder, rich coconut aroma, crispy in layers.

Seaweed roll

Product features: soft and mellow filling, delicious seaweed, multiple textures, crispy mouthfeel, and pure seafood texture.

Flavor: cod floss, salted egg yolk, charcoal grilled beef, meat floss

Liquid meringue

Product features: The single layer of crispy skin is as thin as 0.5mm, the small pores are fine and even, the flavor is smooth and delicious, and the taste is rich.

Flavor: cheese, lime, blueberry, salted egg yolk

Brown sugar twists

Product features: classic traditional taste, crispy and delicious wheat-flavored pastry bars, brown sugar cooked in the ancient way, sweet and mellow.

Salted egg yolk pancake

Product features: Japanese craft formula, rich milky aroma, unique salted egg yolk flavor.

Flaxseed Flatbreads

Product features: Japanese craft formula, rich milky aroma, flaxseed content up to 7%.

Sea salt pancakes

Product features: Japanese craft formula, rich milky aroma, pure Japanese sea salt flavor.

Shengqiao blessing group

Product features: sweet and slightly bitter, elastic and silky, a variety of flavors and textures, 0 trans fatty acids.

Flavor: Chocolate, Matcha

Early summer half-snow mochi

Product features: soft skin, good malleability, rich filling varieties, sweet taste, delicate and elastic.

Flavor: early summer half snow/matcha flavor, early summer half snow/mango flavor, early summer half snow/custard flavor

flower cake

Product Features: Straight hair produced in Yunnan, picked with morning dew roses, full of flower fragrance.

Tiaotou cake

Product features: soft, waxy and tough, made with traditional craftsmanship, real materials, Jiangnan flavor.

Flavor: red bean flavor, sesame flavor

Youth League/Lottery League

Product features: The skin is soft and waxy, with fresh mugwort added, and the color is emerald green.

Flavor: egg yolk and meat floss green dumplings, matcha green tea dumplings, sesame core green dumplings, bean paste green dumplings

Fall in love with dumplings/flower milk flavour, fall in love with dumplings/raw coconut latte flavour, fall in love with dumplings/taro custard flavour, fall in love with dumplings/jasmine grape flavor

Soft Fruit Pie

Product features: soft skin, good malleability, rich filling varieties, sweet taste, delicate and elastic.

Flavor: Soft Fruit Pie/Matcha Flavor, Soft Core Fruit Pie/Mango Flavor, Soft Core Fruit Pie/Coconut Flavor;

Trehalose chicken jerky

Product Features: No flour added, no sucrose added, original cut chicken breast

Flavor: satay, five-flavor, spicy

Small jujube

Product features: pure meat (no starch added)

quail eggs

Product features: Selenium-rich, antibiotic-free, freshly grown, rich taste

Flavor: Five-spice flavor, baked salt flavor

pork jerky

Product features: pure meat (no starch added), 51% protein, carefully selected ingredients, high-end snacks

Hot pot vegetarian tripe

Product Features: Rich in dietary fiber, restores hot pot flavor, crispy and tough.

Taste: hot pot flavor, spicy flavor, spicy flavor


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Brand news

Brand News

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Facing the "epidemic" ︳Maishuang trade union volunteers fully support the front line of anti-epidemic!
The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is our responsibility! As the city's epidemic prevention and control situation becomes severe and the pressure continues to increase, Hangzhou Maishuang Food Co., Ltd. actively responded to the government's call and immediately formed a team of corporate volunteers. On the evening of April 10, Li Ru, Zhang Chunlan, Qu Mingxia, Wang Mingxin, Zhang Xiaoyan, Qian Jipeng, Qu Yingjie, Xiang Feng and other employees took the lead in going to the Dangwan Expressway Exit to participate in epidemic prevention and control work.High-speed exports are the first line of defense against imported goods, and various prevention and control measures must be implemented. Maishuang volunteers arrived at their posts according to their designated positions and actively participated in the front line of fighting the epidemic, doing their best to protect the health of the people and the safety of the city, and ensure the normal operation of the logistics artery during the epidemic.It’s the right time and the heavy responsibility is on our shoulders! The volunteers are full of enthusiasm for their work. They always adhere to the concept of "never miss a car, don't miss a person" for the logistics drivers who come and go. They carefully check the health code, trip code, nucleic acid test and other conditions of the people on each vehicle, and patiently guide the vehicle personnel. Queue in an orderly manner, fill in information registration, etc.During this epidemic prevention and control volunteer service, the volunteers obeyed the instructions, strictly abide by the volunteer service disciplines and relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control, were not afraid of difficulties, regardless of personal safety, left their own homes to care for everyone, and used practical actions to fight against the epidemic. The front line of prevention and control demonstrates the spirit of Maishuang people to stand up and make sacrifices.Governments and enterprises are joining hands to fight the epidemic; they are united and show great love. Although the faces of the volunteers cannot be seen clearly under the masks, the light and heat they bring to this hot land will become the warmest force in our joint fight against the virus!

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