Grandma’s potato chips

Product features: "Atlantic" variety potatoes, crispy, fragrant and rich in taste

Flavor: tomato, cucumber, barbecue, spicy, original, purple potato

fresh cut fries

Product features: ·Real potato raw cut, rich potato aroma, full taste, 0 trans fatty acids.

Flavor: Classic original flavor, fresh tomato flavor, honey butter flavor, Sichuan spicy flavor

Baked potato chips

Product features: baking process, non-fried, rich potato flavor, golden and crispy.

Flavor: Western Cumin Flavor, Western BBQ Flavor, Garden Tomato Flavor, Purple Sweet Potato Original Flavor

Dip potato chips

Product features: crispy and fragrant, Xinjiang high-quality tomato dipping sauce, rich taste.

Taste: sweet, spicy, tomato sauce

Potato size potato chips

Product features: natural color, uniform thickness, and crispy texture.

Flavor: tomato, original, barbecue, spicy

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