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Maishuang Food is a leading snack food enterprise integrating independent product research and development, production and sales. The company covers an area of 30 acres and has 60,000 square meters of modern standard factory buildings.

The company covers an area of 30 acres and has 60,000 square meters of modern standard factory buildings. It uses sterile and wear-resistant floors and has multiple 100,000-level air purification workshops to meet various production environment requirements and has passed HACCP system certification.

The company all uses high-luminosity LED lighting and is equipped with large-capacity elevators, natural gas pipeline networks, high-pressure steam pipeline networks, centralized purified water supply, centralized laundry rooms and other facilities and equipment, providing excellent hardware conditions for production. The company's product development adopts cooperation methods with Japanese and Taiwanese experts, introduces international advanced processes and technologies, and is at the forefront of China's food industry.

  • 2001year
    Company was founded on
  • 30mu
    Covered area
  • 60000
    Modern standard factory building
Maishuang Food grows with the times

Hangzhou Fengshun Food Co., Ltd. was established


Hangzhou Maishuang Food Co., Ltd. 

was established

Smooth sailing, Mai Shuang sets sail


Hangzhou Maishuang Food New Factory Completed


The new retail division was established

Maishuang Food starts a new journey of e-commerce development


Start global live broadcast to create super single products

To promote the steady development of China's national food industry as our mission

Brand Story

The story of Mai Shuang begins with a simple wish of the founder.

Because of the connection with potato chips, the gears of fate began to turn, including potato chips, glutinous mochi, crispy biscuits...

Pursuing the deliciousness and happiness of pure snacks, we insist on providing consumers with delicious and affordable delicacies for 20 years.

One leisurely and happy afternoon tea time after another, a slightly sweet time after a short rest, satisfying people's appetite and relaxation.

There are countless flavors in the world, but classics are always chosen and remembered by people.

Happy life·Mai Shuang is with you.

Maishuang Culture
Forged our development and progress

Become a company that people respect and admire


Let everyone’s tomorrow be better


Respect, Gratitude, Trustworthiness, Growth

Every honor is the condensed wisdom and sweat of Maishuang people.

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Address:No. 79, Group 10, Xingfu Village, Dangwan Town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province
Official website:http://www.mysunfood.com

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