Position Title Department Recruitment number Work place Academic requirements
Production team leader Sales 1 Hangzhou technical secondary school
Job requirements:

1. Technical secondary school degree or above, food major is preferred, more than 2 years of grassroots management experience is preferred;

2. Lead team members to complete production tasks according to the production plan, improve employee execution and overall quality, and conduct employee training within the team;

3. Take personal responsibility and care for the employees in your team.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Organize and implement production plans in accordance with food production specifications;

2. Provide work training to team employees based on their actual conditions;

3. Strictly supervise production conditions and pay timely attention to product quality, equipment operation and personnel status;

4. Ensure the safety of personnel, goods, and production equipment.

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Workshop director Sales 1 Hangzhou technical secondary school
Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in food or business administration

2. 5 years of work experience, more than 3 years of workshop production management experience, those with workshop management experience in food companies are preferred;

3. Be familiar with product industry standards and specifications, production processes and scientific operating specifications, and have excellent quality awareness;

4. Have the ability to manage personnel at the job site and certain administrative management capabilities, have strong team leadership and motivation, and be able to analyze and solve problems well;

5. Have strong organizational, communication and coordination skills.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the work arrangements and pre-job training of new employees (including labor discipline, safety education, job skills, operating procedures, etc.)

2. Responsible for the annual, quarterly and monthly manpower demand planning of each production department

3. Responsible for the training of personnel in various production departments before, during and after the shift (including labor discipline, safety education, job skills, operating procedures), etc.

4. Responsible for the attendance and get off work discipline of personnel in various production departments, and the implementation of various factory regulations and disciplines.

5. Based on the production plan, rationally arrange and schedule personnel on each line, make production arrangements, and track the availability of various raw materials and packaging materials required for production.

6. Convene regular meetings of team leaders from time to time;

7. Require all subordinate departments to conduct on-site inspections, discover problems in a timely manner, cooperate with on-site quality control to deal with quality abnormalities, and come up with improvement plans and preventive measures;

8. Supervise personnel in all production departments to do a good job in environmental sanitation before, during and after work;

9. Responsible for the review, verification, summary and reporting of various reports and data statistics;

10. Keep abreast of the production progress and product quality of each team in the workshop, and ensure quality, quantity, and completion of production tasks on time to ensure safe production for employees;

11. Complete tasks temporarily assigned by superior leaders.

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Quality supervisor Sales 1 Hangzhou Undergraduate
Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in food, chemistry, chemical engineering and other related majors. Conditions may be relaxed appropriately for particularly outstanding candidates;

2. More than 3 years of working experience as a quality supervisor in the food industry;

3. Have good communication, coordination, organization, analysis and problem-solving abilities, and certain team leadership.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for providing corresponding standards and methods for incoming material inspection/online inspection/finished product inspection to ensure that quality inspectors clarify inspection requirements;

2. Organize IQC, PQC, QA, testers, and team leaders to inspect products as required to ensure that only qualified products can be submitted to customers;

3. Organize records, reports, labels, review and follow-up of defective products to prevent unintended use of defective products;

4. Responsible for handling customer complaints and proposing corrective/preventive measures required due to quality problems, and following up on their implementation;

5. Assist the Engineering Department in sample confirmation, and assist the Production Department and Purchasing Department in the review and assessment of suppliers;

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Laboratory supervisor Sales 1 Hangzhou Specialist
Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, food major is preferred;

2. More than 3 years of working experience in this position, and possessing an intermediate or above food inspection certificate;

3. Applicants with relevant internal auditor certificates will be given priority

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the organizational establishment and operation control of the company's product quality management system.

2. Organize the formulation of inspection procedures and write inspection standards. Responsible for conducting quality investigations on the company's products and handling quality complaints.

3. Organize and implement quality testing and analysis of company products and outsourcing and outsourcing products.

4. Organize inspection personnel to complete daily inspection work in accordance with relevant quality standards and inspection operating procedures, and provide guidance and supervision to the inspection personnel's operations.

5. Responsible for participating in the system and revising national standards, internal control standards and inspection operating procedures for materials, raw materials, intermediate products and finished products, as well as relevant rules and regulations of the laboratory.

4. Monitor the quality of the production process, control the order of unqualified products, and be responsible for tracking and handling quality abnormalities in the company's production process. Provide a basis for improving quality issues and product quality.

5. Responsible for statistical analysis of information during the production process, responsible for reviewing laboratory test results, and requiring inspectors to truthfully record inspection and test data. Responsible for the quality acceptance of the company's factory products and the review of product quality reports.

6. Trace the causes of non-conforming products and correct them, and take preventive measures in a timely manner.

7. Complete other tasks assigned by superior authorities.

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laboratory technician Sales 1 Hangzhou Specialist
Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, under 35 years old;

2. Majors in food science and analytical chemistry are preferred;

3. Applicants with relevant work experience will be given priority.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Comply with various laboratory rules, regulations and technical regulations, complete inspection tasks timely and accurately in accordance with relevant quality standards and inspection operating procedures, and ensure safe production.

2. Responsible for the analysis and inspection of materials, intermediate products and finished products.

3. During the inspection process, if quality problems or abnormalities are found, they should be reported in time, and the causes should be jointly found and handled properly.

4. Prepare various reagents and test solutions as well as maintain and calibrate instruments and appliances on a regular basis according to regulations.

5. Fill in the original inspection records and the inspection report issued in a timely, accurate and truthful manner.

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Mechanical Supervisor Sales 1 Hangzhou College
Job requirements:

1. More than 5 years of working experience as a machine maintenance supervisor in large and medium-sized enterprises, majoring in mechanical engineering, machinery manufacturing and equipment maintenance, mechatronics and other related majors;

2. Hard-working, age: between 30-45 years old, with strong ability to withstand stress;

3. Must hold intermediate or above fitter certificate and electrician certificate;

Job Responsibilities:

1. Be fully responsible for the management of the machine repair class and responsible for the maintenance and inspection of the water supply and drainage, fire water and mechanical equipment of the projects under their jurisdiction;

2. Responsible for the daily fault maintenance work arrangements and personnel transfer within the company;

3. Develop maintenance plans according to equipment maintenance manuals and equipment instructions, and plan, arrange, and implement maintenance work;

4. Submit purchase orders for equipment parts and spare parts according to different specific situations, be responsible for the inspection of machine parts and spare parts and the submission of emergency spare parts, and review the necessity and rationality of purchased items;

5. Guide operators to complete equipment use and simple maintenance tasks;

6. Carry out daily equipment inspections, discover problems in time, and deal with hidden dangers;

7. Carry out regular maintenance and repair work, solve difficult faults, and reduce the company’s total downtime and total scrap caused by equipment reasons;

8. Complete other tasks temporarily assigned by superior leaders;

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planning manager Planning Department 1 Hangzhou College
Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, majoring in marketing, business management and other related majors, more than two years of planning work experience;

2. Good writing skills, strong execution ability, and clear thinking! Ability to independently complete the entire planning plan and implement it;

3. Character and moral character: fairness, integrity, and strong sense of responsibility;

4. Physical condition: healthy and able to withstand certain work pressure;

Job Responsibilities:

1. Assist the marketing director in planning nationwide marketing activities

2. Coordinate regional marketing activities

3. Formulate holiday marketing activities and product promotion plans

4. Effectively control the use of market fees

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